SMART Industry Scan

Client satisfaction is achieved in a step-by-step approach, in which we include several check-points for ensuring service quality.

As many industries are re-inventing themselves in the midst of what some call the fourth industrial revolution (SMART Industry / Industry 4.0), it is important to have a clear focus: when companies apply these new technologies effectively, this can greatly help to achieve company goals. AMELA Process Optimization can provide companies with the necessary tools to develop a corporate strategy.

We can set out an implementation plan, in which available technologies such as clustering algorithms for operational analysis, predictive maintenance, smart quality sensors, and predictive process control are applied in those areas where they are needed most for operational improvement and business effectiveness in general. Our unique combination of specialties enables us to find the so called 'sweet spot' where technological possibilities meet company wants and needs.

We can also provide education and training to introduce management, staff and operators to these new technologies.