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SMART Operational Excellence Application

Client satisfaction is achieved in a step-by-step approach, in which we include several check-points for ensuring product quality.

Owners of industrial processes don’t like to see the production rate of their assets decrease, much less to stop production entirely, or see a decease in product quality. That’s why they often don’t allow interference with running processes, even if this might enable higher (energy) efficiency.

By using the information hidden in historical measurement data from processes, and combining this with advanced machine learning algorithms, we can minimize the time needed for implementation of our SMART Operational Excellence Application software. Using live process data, our product advises the client by showing optimal settings of a selected number of process parameters that influence energy use, product quality, raw material usage or some other quantity of interest. This enables the client to bring out the hidden potentials in their processes, and at the same time manage product quality variations through our robust optimization approach.