Huntsman Holland BV - Advanced Analytics Solution

For Huntsman Holland BV, a multi-national chemical manufacturing company, AMELA has shown the ability to accurately track fouling and performance degradation of Huntsman’s air-cooled condensers, demonstrating the potential of AMELA's Advanced Analytics Solutions (3AS).


For more information about 3AS, please visit this page.

Elbrons BV - Engineering & Sales Application Tool

For Elbrons, a service company in the process industry, we have developed a fog controlling application, serving as an integral design and sales tool. The application enables our client to make more precise design calculations, saving water and energy for their respective clients, and to actively engage their clients and prospects in the design process.

Plant One Rotterdam BV - Consulting in Energy System Design

For Plant One Rotterdam, a greentech innovation hub, we have provided integral energy system design and operational analysis. With our data-driven approach to engineering, we have delivered quick and precise results, enabling our client to enhance their decision processes.

Aeson Assemblage BV - Welding Data Analysis Application

For Aeson Assemblage, a company in the manufacturing industry, we have developed an application providing the desired insights from the company's data. This enables enhanced quality control and operations. The application includes real time graphs, a connection with a database and the ability to extract operational information, make predictions and generate reports.