Monitoring Applications

Data Warehousing

There is a high demand in companies for a proper analysis of their data to gain insights and operational excellence. With our integral solutions, we help our customers retrieve the ultimate value out of their data. Our application products mainly consist of customized applications, and business intelligence solutions.

Step 1: Acquiring data from data sources

Step 2: Data Cleaning & Analysis

Step 3: Generation up-to-date Dashboards

Customized Applications

AMELA Process Optimization can provide companies with customized (web) applications. Our unique combination of specialties enables us to find the 'sweet spot' where technological possibilities meet a company's needs.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Solutions to data storage and analysis techniques are becoming more widely used and advanced. Although there are many different methods of how data is stored, analyzed and translated into added value among companies, the goal remains the same: retrieving useful insights to improve decision making and other business processes.