AMELA's Advanced Analytical Solutions (3AS)


With our unique Energy-based Digital Twinning approach, we manifest the synergy between understanding of physics and engineering on one hand, and advanced data analytics on the other! By unleashing the hidden potential within organizations with our plug-and-play decision support systems, we enable our clients to attain enduring operational excellence.



Our research has shown that sensordata-driven operational analytics can reduce operating costs by 5% to 15%.
In addition, with the next frontier in Predictive Maintenance (4.0), plant uptime can be improved by 9%.
Furthermore, an increased energy efficiency of 5% to 15% can be achieved as well.
Moreover, the time needed for engineering and knowledge work can be reduced by 35% with our unique data-driven approach.

Available in three variaties of service:

1) Consultancy

2) Connected as a Service

3) Fully managed Web application

For more information, please download our service folder with the link below.